2022 05 12 Committee of the Whole Meeting - AGENDA

Call to Order 


Approval of / Changes to Agenda 

Disclosure of Interest on Agenda Items 

Approval of Minutes

     a.     April 14th, 2022 Committee of the Whole Meeting Minutes

Announcements / Proclamations                               


    a.     Justin Dickie – Big Brothers Big Sisters

     b.     Walkability               

Written Petitions and Correspondence

    a.    Letter to Canadian Municipalities

     b.   Model – Municipal Resolution – May 17th                                               


     a.   Staff Reports

            i.    Administration

            ii.   Financial

            iii.  Recreation

            iv.  Planning

            v.   Public Works 

     b.   Playground RFP

     c.   Speeding Issues

     d.   Walkability

     e.   50 St Andrews St Update

     f.    Digital Sign RFP                 

By-laws and Policies 

Citizen Comments 

Mayor Report 

Councilors Reports 

In-Camera Session         

     a.      Legal

Notice of Motion and Reconsideration 



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