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Residents must separate recyclables into two transparent or clear bags. Bag #1 is for paper products while Bag #2 is for household containers and clean plastic bags.

Bag 1 - Paper and Textiles Products newspapers, magazines, advertising flyers, periodicals, game books, catalogs, telephone books, pocket novels, clean paper egg cartons, envelopes, paper towel cores, boxboard (ie cereal boxes) letter, office, school paper, corrugated cardboard, Textiles (DRY clothing, bedding, footwear, etc.)

Bag 2 - Recyclable Containers, plastic pop bottles, aluminum cans, aluminum pie plates, StyrofoamTM, juice boxes, glass bottles and jars, all liquor containers, plastic containers (#1 - 7)milk cartons, plastic grocery bags, bread bags, tin cans

Chase the Ace

Fri. 19 Jan, 2018 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The Stewiacke Legion and the Stewiacke & District Volunteer Fire Department are partnering in a Chase the Ace Fundraiser.

Tickets will be sold at the Fire Hall and the Legion from every Friday until the Ace is chosen.

The winning ticket will be drawn at 8:15 pm at the Legion. The ticket holder will win 20% of the ticket sales as well as a chance to pick the Ace of Spades from a deck of cards.If the winning ticket holder is at the Fire Department we will arrange transportation for you from the Fire Hall to the Legion.Tickets are $5.00 each.

Please come out and support your Legion and Fire Department!

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