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Big Brothers Big Sisters

The In School Mentoring program

The In School Program provides youth with a role model and a friend to talk to and share the experiences of growing up within school grounds. For one hour a week, mentors meet with their mentee and engage in activities such as board games, crafts or just hang out on school grounds.
The In School Mentoring program requires a weekly visit of one hour for the duration of the school year. Matches do not meet over the summer break or during other school holidays.

Peer Mentoring

Want to have a fun and cool volunteer experience at school?
Peer Mentoring is a program designed specifically for High School students.
Students in grade 11 or 12 (Mentors) are matched with students in the lower grades (Mentees) to provide them with support, encouragement and to have some FUN!
Mentors and Mentees are matched one-on-one based on their interests and personalities. Matched pairs meet every week on school property, usually during lunch break, and spend that time together playing sports, sharing interests or just hanging out and talking. The goal of the program is to increase self-esteem and encourage healthy decision making in the students being Mentored.
Volunteering is a great way to build your resume and the local agency pays for your grad fees as a thank you for your service.
Each year 3 “Shining Stars” are chosen based on their dedication and commitment to the program as well as their impact on their Mentee.

For more information  please click the link or contact: PHONE: (902) 895-4562

Support local families facing prostate cancer

Every day, an average of 11 Canadian men die from prostate cancer. It affects countless Canadian families.
We need to encourage more conversations to increase awareness so we can save and improve more lives. In Prostate Cancer Canada’s 25th year, we’re celebrating the fact that the mortality rate has been cut in half during that time, and are working to decrease the death rate another 50 percent by 2029.
We need your support to spread awareness and help us reach this important goal. September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
Please help us work toward a life without prostate cancer: Join other communities across Canada and recognize September 2019 as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
Together we will save and improve more lives.


Program accepted waste: Any brand of pens and pen caps, mechanical pencils, markers and marker caps, highlighters and highlighter caps, permanent markers and permanent marker caps. 

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE WASTE? Once collected, the writing instruments are separated by material composition. The separated items are then cleaned, shredded, and made into new recycled products. There is a drop off box at the Town Office.

Commercial Tax Break

With the construction season approaching, the Town would like to provide a reminder that a Commercial Tax break is available for new commercial construction in the Town. Please contact the Town office for more details

Do you have a Civic Sign Posted?

We can’t help you if we can’t find you. Seconds can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency. Getting resources where they are needed as quickly as possible is vital. This is especially true when dealing with 911 emergencies.
However, without clearly posted civic numbers to guide them, emergency responders can sometimes have difficulty locating the address of a 911 emergency.

Make sure that your civic number is posted and visible in front of your home or business, and that it is clearly visible from the road day or night. This will assist police, firefighters and paramedics in being able to locate you as quickly as possible if an emergency should occur. Also, it assists Canada Post when delivering your parcels, if they don’t have the civic address they cannot leave the package. If the civic number is posted directly on your house or place of business, ensure that there is sufficient light, so it is visible from the roadway at night.

Although the requirements for civic number posting may vary by municipality, here are a few simple tips to keep in mind:
Civic numbers should be in Arabic numerals (12 not XII or Twelve)
Have at least 48 inches between the bottom of the numbers and the ground.
The colour of the numbers should clearly contrast the background.
White numbers on a blue background work best. Reflective numbers are recommended.
If the building can’t be seen clearly from the road, post the numbers on a sign.
Signs should be within 15 feet of the road If the building is less than 50 feet from the road, numbers should be at least 65 mm (2 inches) tall If the building is more than 50 feet from the road, numbers should be at least 100 mm (4 inches) tall.

Civic numbers can be purchased at the Stewiacke Volunteer Fire Department, $25 for the sign, or $30 for the sign and post, delivered and installed.

Contact us at 902-639-2301 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit Civic 111 on Highway 2, Stewiacke any Wednesday night 6:30-9:00