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Non-compliance Friendly

With the promising weather forecast for the weekend we will all be tempted to get out and enjoy the sunshine.

Acting decisively as a community can help maintain the safety and well-being of residents. Residents should follow the advice of our Public Health department to help alleviate pressures on the healthcare system, and best protect themselves and loved ones. Precautions to prevent transmission include:

-self-isolation, for clarity, self-isolation means you stay on your property 24/7, no visitors (that includes children)
-maintaining at least a 2 metre distance from others
-avoiding all unnecessary travel,
-washing hands often, and -regularly disinfecting high touch zones in shared spaces in your home.

A friendly reminder that non-compliance by those under mandatory self-isolation can lead to disastrous outcomes.

For the rest of us, let's keep washing our hands and social distancing. 

Wendy Robinson Mayor, Town of Stewiacke

COVID-19 Update from Mayor Robinson

 Although we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Town we ask that you please remain diligent in your social distancing efforts. I understand that this is has been challenging, but we are not yet at point where we can begin to relax those protocols. Residents must behave as if the virus is right here in Town.  We appreciate the stresses that Covid-19 has imposed upon our residents, both as a result of the virus and the measures that have been implemented to manage the containment. 

We are not nearing the end of this and the worst is very likely yet to come. Please stay strong, stay vigilant and keep on keeping on. Your health, and that of your loved ones, may very well depend upon the responsible actions and decisions we continue to make collectively as a community.

In surveying the Town, impressive initiatives are underway across all sectors of business, community groups, and individuals. We are thankful for the sweeping support.

The Town would like to remind residents that Town Hall and Public Works Building will remain closed to the public, but essential services remain in place.  Regular pick up of compost and garbage will take place, recycling (blue/clear bags) will not be picked up until the State of Emergency is lifted. All parks/trails in the Town are closed.

To stay current, please visit the Town website and Facebook page frequently for the latest updates.

Wendy Robinson Mayor,
Town of Stewiacke

Stewiacke Trail & Park Closure

Stewiacke Residents

 During these uncertain times of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we want to make sure everyone in our community is safe and healthy. The Stewiacke Fire Department, Town Council and Stewiacke Foodland are offer a wonderful program for our residents and many other businesses in our community are doing their best to serve us as best as they can while still adhering to the State of Emergency Guidelines. 

The Town of Stewiacke has closed the Stewiacke River Country Walking Trail, John Crawford Trail, Dennis Park Walking Loop, Dennis Park Playground and the Stewiacke Recreation Grounds to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. These recreation spaces have been closed because of the limited space to pass another pedestrian and the many hands that would be touching playground surfaces. 

While exercise is limited in these recreation spaces it is still very much encouraged to get outside and exercise. Walking on the sidewalks and playing in your yard is a great way to breath fresh air and practise self care. Exercising is a wonderful way to connect with your family members and relieve stress. If you are interested in reading more on what benefits exercise has on your daily health, please go to the website link posted below: 

The Town of Stewiacke staff and Council wish you remain healthy and active while maintaining social distancing.

Recycling Collection Update

PLEASE BE ADVISED: As of tomorrow morning, March 25, 2020, the collection of Recyclables (blue/clear bags) will be postponed. Residual Garbage (black bags & clear/blue bags) and Compost Collection will continue as normal. We recommend storing your recyclables at home until the recycling centres reopen. 

Wendy Robinson Mayor, Town of Stewiacke

Notice from Stewiacke Public Works

Residents are advised not to flush disinfecting wipes or paper towel down the toilet. 
Please dispose of these items in the garbage.  Stewiacke’s wastewater treatment plant may get overwhelmed. 
Residents may face in-home plumbing backups and blockages.
Thank you.