Snow Clearing Procedures

Snow and Ice Control

We know that when the snow starts falling, you will start to wonder when you may see a snow plow/ salt truck heading down your street.

Our Public Works staff work very hard, year round, to ensure that roadways are maintained and kept accessible to residents at all times of the year. Emergency areas and Major Collector Streets take priority over other streets and areas of Town. During periods of heavy snowfall or other extreme weather conditions, please have patience as our maintenance staff work to get to your area as quickly as they possibly can. Predicting the amount of snowfall during any one given snow event (especially in Nova Scotia today) is a difficult thing to do and staff work diligently to ensure our streets are maintained to a safe standard. Your cooperation and patience regarding snow removal is encouraged and much appreciated by the Town and your fellow residents.

After a snowfall, crews are often hampered by cars parked on the streets, which block access for snow clearing equipment. This creates time delays and can be hazardous.  We would like to remind everyone that in accordance with the annual Winter Parking Ban residents are required to keep the roadway clear of parked vehicles in order to allow snow clearing crews to do their work safely and efficiently. If you have any questions please contact the Town office at 902 – 639 – 2231. 

Current Snow and Ice Control Practices

The Superintendent of Public Works is responsible for the coordination and deployment of resources as it relates to snow and ice control with-in the boundaries of the Town of Stewiacke.  For the purposes of snow and ice control Public Works staff have established 4 priority areas as follows:
Priority 1 - Major Collector Streets … Kitchener Street, Main Street East, a portion of Main Street West to the end of the pavement (Low Tide Road), George Street as well as access to the Fire Hall bay doors.
Priority 2 - Minor Collector Street … St Andrews Street 
Priority 3 - Remaining Local Streets …
Priority 4 - Town owned parking areas / lots.

The level of snow and ice control will depend on the snow event! For a snow event that is forecasted to deposit a maximum of 3 inches or less, crews will utilize the deployment of salt. For snow events forecasted to deposit more than 3 inches a combination of plowing and salt will be utilized to ensure streets and sidewalks are passable for vehicular and pedestrian traffic.