Animal Services

The Town of Stewiacke strives to foster a safe environment where people and pets can live together under our Dog By-Law. Pet owners are responsible for licensing their dogs and ensuring that they don't cause a disturbance. Here's a quick guide to animal issues in Stewiacke, including dog licensing, lost pets, and how to register a complaint.

Dangerous Dogs

The owner of any dog classified as a "dangerous dog" must license their dog as a dangerous dog in the municipal registry each year. 

Violating the Regulations

Pet owners found to be in violation of Dog By-Law regulations will be liable for penalties and subject to penalty costs as outlined in Schedule B – Penalties. Be safe, be sure, and register your dog!

Registering a Complaint

To register a complaint regarding a violation of the Dog By-Law, contact the Animal Control Line at (902) 639-2231.

Here's what you need to know about filing a complaint:

You may have to provide a witness statement for Animal Control to proceed with an investigation. If you're not willing to provide a statement and appear in court, Animal Control may not be able to act on your concern.

You should be aware that all information provided to Animal Control is subject to Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation (FOIPOP) and legal disclosure.

During the investigation, complainant and witness information is kept confidential. However, if the matter proceeds to prosecution, all information relating to the investigation, including the identity of complainants and witnesses must be shared with the defense.

Details are important. The more detail you can provide, the easier it will be to act on your complaint. Depending upon the nature of your complaint, you may be required to provide specific information about the pet, its owner, and the incident.