Snow Clearing


With snow piling up wherever snow can be piled, the town has struggled with private plowers and homeowners pushing snow into the roads or sidewalks. Plowing snow from a driveway across the road into the opposite side can be dangerous because extra piles of snow on the snowbanks, especially when hardened, get in the way of plow trucks’ wings. When a plow truck’s wing hits extra snow on the side of a road, the impact can throw the truck into the other lane if you have an oncoming car that could be a very serious situation.


Shovelling snow onto the street creates more work for snow plows, slowing down the clearing process.A snow plow pushes snow to the right road-edge of the street and cannot carry snow away. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes snow may be pushed back onto your driveway or sidewalk, even if you have already shoveled it. If this happens to you, please shovel the snow onto your lawn to keep the streets and sidewalk clean and safe for your neighbours and other drivers.

If you have a fire hydrant in front of your home, please clear the snow around it for easy emergency access.

Be a good neighbour: Give your neighbours a hand shoveling snow, especially if they are seniors or have limited mobility.

Keep curb free from debris and bins: Remove any decorations, garbage, recycling and organic bins off roadways where snow plowing may take place. Check the collection schedule for notices about delayed collection.

Help keep catch basins free of debris, especially during melting conditions

Blocked catch basins may result in excess buildup of water along the road area. This could become dangerous if it freezes and may also result in flooding of nearby properties.

The Municipal Parking ban indicates:

No person shall park or have standing any attended or unattended vehicle on any way or highway right-of-way which may interfere with snow removal or the normal movement of traffic. Any vehicle parked, disabled, or abandoned on any public way that interferes with or hinders the removal of snow or sanding may be removed and stored, at the owner's expense, at the order of the Town of Stewiacke without notice to the owner beginning December 15th  and ending April 15th  between the hours of 9:00PM and 7:00AM. The Town of Stewiacke will in no way be responsible for any damage or loss to a vehicle stored in compliance with this Section.