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Town Hall - 295 George Street, Stewiacke NS, B0N 2J0 | (902) 639-2231

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The Town of Stewiacke Council holds its regular meeting once a month usually on the 4th Thursday of the month. The meetings start at 7:00 p.m. and are held in the Council Chambers located on the 2nd Floor of the Town Hall, 295 George Street, Stewiacke, Nova Scotia. The meetings can also be attended via the virtual Zoom meeting platform (monthly links to meetings can be found here in the news and calendar sections, or on the Town of Stewiacke Facebook page).

The Council also holds additional special meetings if they become necessary. Meeting notices are posted on the website.

The minutes, once approved, become the official record of what took place at the meeting. The approval process requires a one-month delay of the minutes, which is a common practice used in a majority of municipalities.

The practice at the Town of Stewiacke is to include a short synopsis of the salient points of debate that lead to motions. Some municipalities choose only to include the actual motions in their records.

It is the belief in the Town of Stewiacke that residents and other interested people prosper when there is some additional narrative in the minutes. This method enhances the historical record of the municipality. It is emphasized, however, that the minutes are not, nor should they be, a verbatim account of the proceedings.

Folder Council Meeting Documents
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